Gardening Tips, Garden Supplies and Garden Plants to turn your backyard into a perfect paradise

An estimated 20% of veterans carry a mental wound; and these need as much healing as any physical wound. Symptoms include flashbacks, nightmares, increased levels of anxiety, hyper-vigilance, insomnia, inability to concentrate, mood swings, intrusive thoughts, depression, possible psychosis, and substance misuse/self-medication. As a result many veterans become socially isolated, staying indoors and unable to work.Whatever the cause of the mental health issues veterans – younger or older, male or female, with or without physical wounds – are referred to us to help support their healing and transition to civilian life.

Argushi Gardening Services uses horticultural therapy to support our troubled veterans on their journey to good health and their transition to civilian life. We offer professionally conducted, individualized, goal-oriented treatment sessions to maximize a veteran’s physical, psychological and social strength, and enhance general health and well being.Enhance your garden to be whatever you want it to be. Turn it into a lush, tropical oasis of calm, serene beauty where you can sit, relax and unwind after a busy day. Or develop a child-friendly family garden where you know your children can play and have fun safely. Use your garden to entertain and welcome guests in comfort and style. Perhaps consider adding an artificial lawn so that is low-maintenance and hard-wearing for the kids.

Whatever you desire, choose from hundreds of gardening ideas that will inspire you and capture the style and mood you want from your garden. There are gardening tips to help you dramatically transform your garden into an outdoor living space you can enjoy and be proud of. Discover how the look and feel of your garden can change with different plants, new furniture and the right accessories such as a water feature, statuary, lighting. Find out just how easy it to create the garden of your dreams with the right designs, new techniques, and fresh planting ideas.Choosing the right garden accessories and using quality tools and equipment is the first step to achieving your perfect garden paradise

Because we love gardening we wanted to help you achieve the garden of your dreams. To do this we’ve reviewed information on garden suppliers of flowers, trees, plants, flower bulbs, seeds, gardening tools, outdoor furniture, lawn accessories, water gardens, gardening tools and much, much more. Whatever you need to make your garden complete you’ll find it here.

Flower Bulbs – Using flower bulbs you can fill your garden with color, fragrance and interest the whole year round.

Garden Plants – From majestic trees to tiny ground cover plants, there’s a plant for every type of garden and garden space. Plants are what gardening is all about.

Garden Tools – Using top quality, well made and designed tools makes gardening a joy. They’re also the ideal gift for the gardener in your life.

Water Gardens – Many people feel a garden isn’t complete without a water feature. Whether it’s a garden pond, fountain, rill or waterfall, water brings the garden alive.

Garden Seeds – Growing your own flowers, plants and vegetables is an absorbing and exciting part of gardening. Fill your garden with plants you won’t find in the garden center.

Garden Furniture – Create your own outdoor living space with patio furniture, tables, chairs, hammocks, umbrellas and other outdoor furniture.